RE-START Action Plan

RE-START is an action plan focusing on a specific geographical region and involving several municipalities, economic operators and civil society organizations. The action plan aims to reduce the economic and social underdevelopment of the Lower Ipoly Valley, mainly due to its peripheral location, and to stimulate the labor market, while reflecting the challenges of an aging population.

The RE-START Action Plan is made up of seven interlinked projects working in synergy. All the projects, including the Action Plan as a whole, will be implemented with funding of around €4 million from the INTERREG V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation program between 2019 and 2023.

The coordination and communication activities of the Action Plan will be carried out by the Pontibus European Territorial Partnership, established by the Municipality of Nitra County and the Municipality of Pest County.


The project promotes the reintegration of inactive border residents into the labor market, the expansion of employment and the promotion of health maintenance for the people living in the area. Capacity coordination helps to increase the efficiency of social services and the development of the local labor market.


Renewal of the social infrastructure for elderly care in the Lower Ipoly Region with the provision of more places. New, modern accommodation capacities will be created in Szob, Ipolyszalka and Helemba to reduce waiting lists.


New cross-border services will be developed in the region: kitchen and laundry services will be made available to the region's institutions. Vehicles will be purchased to increase transport capacity.


A social care course will be implemented on both sides of the border to expand social infrastructure. The courses will provide participants with the opportunity to acquire competitive skills.


Community spaces and recreational services will be created along the Lower Ipoly Region. An education center in Ipolydamásd will serve to provide important training in the area, and the Fecskeház (Swallow House) in Bernecebarát and the Country House in Ipolyszalka will be expanded. Recreational services will be developed at the Burda Center.


The project will offer community programs, mainly for the older generation, which will also serve to develop cross-border relations, increase regional identity, foster traditions and acquire new skills.